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Acharya Kishore Kunal and Mrs. Anita Kunal had a dream of reaching out to children who needed good education and so together they established Gyan Niketan School on 13th February 1986 and is run by M.V.V. Nyas.
It has consistently displayed a complete awareness in the field of education by setting up the English medium Senior Secondary School for boys in Patna by the name of Gyan Niketan in 1986. Its first batch appeared in 1990 and till now a total of 26 batches have appeared in the Central Board level after producing excellent results in class- X Board Examination in the year 1999.
After several years of assiduous endeavour the M. V. V. Nyas is now in a position to declare with conviction that Gyan Niketan is an excellent result oriented human resources,development school of national repute. It is a school with difference. It has hostel facilities from Nursery to Std. XII but with a limited capacity. It has a spacious playground and recently an extra two acres of land has been added to the existing playground. A separate building for +2 Classes has been newly constructed with an auditorium on the ground floor provision for courses in Science, Humanities and Commerce is provided for student.


“By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man- body, mind and sprit”.
“But unless the development of the mind and body goes hand in hand with a corresponding awakening of the soul, the former alone would prove to be poor lopsided affair”
Mahatma Gandhi.

The main cause of evils in the world today is the terrific moral degradation of man. While the world has progressed on the material plane, it has degenerated on the moral plane. Religion and Spiritual values have lost their hold on modern civilization. Educational systems have become lopsided in that thay are imparting knowledge of everything but high moral values.

Gyan Niketan had, therefore, been founded for the specific purpose of providing the new generation with an institution which, besides giving the children the best education, cares for all round development- physical , mental and spiritual and inculcates in them a deep love for thigh moral values and due respect for all religions.

Gyan Niketan aims at developing in its students the best traditions of the composite Indian Culture, a high sense of patriotism and a sprit of dedication in their service to the nation. It lays special stress on discipline, for it believes that discipline is the rock on which the edifice of education stands.

Gyan Niketan is a reputed school run under the aegis of M.V.V.Nyas and has been affiliated to the C.B.S.E. for several years. Despite its excellent results in all C.B.S.E Examinations, it never opened any branch or added any class in order to improve the quality of education. After several years of assiduous endeavour the M.V.V Nyas is now in position to declare with authority that Gyan Niketan will be next to none in the field of education from the ensuring session.

We also provide hostel facilities for the students of class Nursery to XII in Vitthal Vihar Complex, Gola Road ,Patna.

Aim & Objective

Gyan Niketan, a pioneer in the trendsetting education in the state, provides an environment for al-round development of pupils and their integration with the society based on values of Indian Culture. It tries to inculcate in the pupils values of personal hygiene, cleanliness of surroundings, obedience to their elders and, above all discipline. To achieve all these, along with a high academic standard, a highly motivated and dedicated team of qualified teachers play a very important role to help in the growth of their students (Gyanis) The rapport between the teachers and the students also help the pupils in preparing their lessons and to use new methods of teaching techniques viz. demonstration, experimentation, project work and home assignments to make their lessons interesting which leads to good results. Gyan Niketan has a glorious past. Many eminent educationists are attached to this institution. Their regular visits grow effectively in all direction.

Ever since its establishment in 1986. it has continued to be one of the best educational institutions in the state and around. Ithas maintained a high standard of education and its students have brought laurels to the school year after year in scholastic as well as co-scholastics.

The School Management, consisting of retired personalities from the field of education, administration and legal luminaries give their best to provide a pragmatic, child centered education to help a Gyani to become "a perfect man".

The School curriculum is related to our environment that reflects our culture, while remaining at the same.The School is recognized by CBSE up to class-XII and has more than 3500 students on its rolls.

The School has a sprawling building with well equipped science and computer laboratories that are regularly upgraded and additional library-cum-reading room and an audio-visual room and some additional class rooms have been recently added on the third floor. The school also has an auditorium which can accommodate about 1000 pupils at a time.

The main aim of this school is to enhance mental, physical and spiritual growth of its students (Gyanis) by maintaining a balance between sports, academics and co- curricular activities. The school believes in quality and not in quantity. Thus it has no branch in the city and around. However we have a separate girls school with same values at, Ashiana Digha Road The admission in the school is being conducted in the classes mentioned as per vacancy and R.T. E guidelines.

From the Principal's Desk

Three decades before we embarked on a journey with the simple objective of serving a very lagging and visible need of the immediate community of the city by preserving the ethnic ethos of Indian culture and tradition yet blending it with modern vision to create global citizens. Education in its purest form for us is perhaps an eternal quest for perfection.

The milestones of our traits and travails is a known story as our alumni leading in various spheres are practical and realist but they talk the language of visionary and idealist. We had our good times and not so good times but what sustained us was the unconditional faith and support of all of you – students, parents, faculty and the extended society who stood by us in the tough times and gave us strength to move on. It is on this plinth that we pledge our commitment to the cause of education and building of a better India and thereby a better world.

Sometimes looking back is the only way to moveforward. As I look back today. I am filled with pride at not just how far we have travelled but also at the number of lives we have touched, of the dreams we have helped realize, of the smiles that we have brought on the faces of innumerablelearners.

Our effortsover the years has been to steadfastly held on to the tenet of imparting education with a modern vision albeit rooted firmly in the traditional values and culture of our heritage. In our humble endeavor we tried to drive away shadows of ignorance, dispelling darkness, lighting up lives by education and knowledge,making youngsters truly learned, making them love learning and become industrious,virtuous, just and carve out a niche for themselves in the world. Teachers are gradually evolving, from being a ‘teacher’ to being a ‘mentor’ from being a ‘sage’ on the stage to being a guide by the side, from being ‘I know all’ to being co-learners on the journey of knowledge exploration. We have evolved a precept from ‘individual based learning’ to ‘collaborative and group teaching’ , from ‘lesson planning’to ‘integrated blended learning designs’, from unidimentional delivery to multiple intelligence based activities.

We succeeded in most of our attempts, raised our benchmark, mobilised our resources, infused enthusiasm and pledge for a committed execution of our duties in the days to come.We believe in that leadership which lifts a person’s vision to high sights,raise a person’s performance to a higher standard and building of a personality beyond its normal limitation.

In the epoch making journey of life two things define our success- the way you manage when you have nothing and the way you behave when you have everything – Lets unite to achieve it for our future generation.

Mr. J.K.Mukherjee

Members of M.V.V. Nyas
1 Sri Jiya Lal Arya IAS(Rtd.) President Arya Niwas, IAS Colony Kidwaipuri, Patna
2 Sri Kashi Nath Mishra Former Vice-Chancellor Secretary C/o. Shri C.D. Narayan House No. 9, Anandpuri West Boring Road, Patna-1
3 Sri Kapil Muni Tiwary University Professor Sandeo Mahto Path, Patel Nagar, Patna-23
4 Mrs. Anita Kunal Social Service Treasurer Sadaquat Ashram Goshala Road, Patna.
5 Dr. K.V. Srinivasan Former H.O.D. (Chem.) K.S.V. Raman Lane, Of East Boring Road, Patna.
6 Dr. S.N.P. Sinha Former V.C. B-92, People Co-op. Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna.
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Gomti Venkatraman Former H.O.D. (Chem.) Sri Kunj Apartment, M.U.Budha Colony, Patna
8 Mr. R.K. Srivastava I.A.S. (Retd.) D-38, S.K. Pun. Patna.
9 Justice D.P.S Choudhary, Retd. Former Justice Road No. 6-C, Near Marksmen Coaching Institute Rajendra Nagar, Patna.
10 Mr. Qamar Ahsan Former V.C. K.S.V. Raman Lane, Of East Boring Road, Patna.
Managing Commitee Gyan Niketan, V.V.C.,
1 Mr. Narbadeshwar Pandey Chairman Retd. Judge 9/8, Kasturba Path, Boring Road, Patna-13 (Near Yamuna Aptt.)
2 Mrs. Anita Kunal Trustee Sadaquat Ashram, Goshala Road, Patna.
3 Mr. R. K. Srivastava, IAS Retd. Trustee D-38, S.K. Puri, Patna.
4 Mr. R.N. Dash, IAS Retd. Member 103, Jai Kunj, Kidwaipuri, Patna
5 Sri S. S. Huda (Manager) Member State Bank of India, Near Jamal Road Post office,Patna
6 Sri S. S. Jha. Member Mohanpur, Punaichak, Patna
7 Mrs. Zaira Kalim Member Prof. of English, Retd. (P.U.) 7/B, Sri Krishna Puri, Near ATM Bank, Patna-1
8 Shaileshwar Sati Prasad Member Prof. of English, Retd. (P.U.) D-38, S.K. Pun. Patna.
9 Ms. Asha Singh Member Principal Arvind Mahila College, Patna
10 Prof. Shankar Dutt. Member HOD (English) Patna University
11 Mr. J.K.Mukherjee Member-cum-Secretary Principal Gyan Niketan, Patna
12 Mrs. Dharmshila Pandey Boards' Nominee Principal Army School Danapur Cantt., Patna
13 Mrs. Smita Kashyap Staff Representative Sr. Teacher Gyan Niketan V.V.C. Patna
14 Mr. Deomuni Dwivedi Staff Representative, Sr. Teacher Gyan Niketan, V.V.C., Patna.